Saturday, 30 November 2013

Medieval French ordinance army

Next week il will be finally starting work on my medieval French ordinance army that I will be using with field of glory rules with the storm of arrows supplement

I'm still new to medieval wargaming and I think I will have todo my research first before I put any paint to them but I have based them and back filled most of the bases.
This has been a long running project that was put on hold as a few other projects popped up but I think now is the time to get cracking with them.
I bought the whole army from blackhatminiatures as they seemed to be the best value for the number if miniatures and for the level of detail. I have added a few other bits to the headquarters base just to add more depth.
Headquarters base 
Men at arms
Dismounted knights 
Not to sure what these are but I believe they are a sub HQ
I also have some Swiss pike men

As I said I'm not to sure about painting these so I will have todo my homework first but it's been over 6 months so abit longer won't hurt.

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