Friday, 13 December 2013

Clockwork Goblin miniatures

This is a project that I put on hold for almost a year because of work and other commitments but Iv decided to get the ball rolling on it

I had originally found these miniatures as I was on abit of a quest to find some 15mm WW2 German zombies and stumbled across this site

They make a small amount of alternative WW2
Miniatures fire there own rule set

This is a free rule set that I haven't had a 
chance to look at in depth but it has a FOW feel to it

So the miniature and wow there cool.

There ment to be 15mm but in all honesty I'd 
say they were BUG BIG 15mm

So hear are some pics of what I got my hands on

These are the American troops that have
 a feel of gears of war meets dust tactics but 
the level of detail is superb

These are the German troops that again 
have that gears of war feel to them but again 
they look fantastic

This is a American medium mech 

And now onto the coolest miniatures

German nazi undead zombies!!!!!!!
The level of detail on these is amazing and I'm so happy with them.

Since I bought these they have released loads more miniatures and have big plans for more releases in 2014 with the release of British, Russian and lots more.

Il be using these with another rule set probably tomorrows war from ambush alley once I get my hand on a copy. 

I know I said they are BIG for 15mm but once you see the level of detail and the rest of the miniatures all is forgiven.

I'm excited about starting this project and hopefully il find some alien enemy's soon that will fit in :)

So if your tempted with any of these miniatures please check out there site :)

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