Tuesday, 17 December 2013

American Civil War union army

So this is a project I started a few months ago but wasn't happy with the colour of there uniforms and i was starting a new job, so I put it on hold but now I'm settled Iv jumped back into it and this is where I am with it,
There are all perry miniatures and I have to admit I did have to blow some dust off them as I had dumped them in the garage in June/ July and not bothered with them until now as I wasn't happy with the blue and it was abit of a tuff slog painting so many models in one go (famous last words "won't be doing that again")
I'm working on all the troop/ soldiers first and I'm painting them in blocks one colour at a time.
 These just need the silver of there rifles and hair painted and a few smaller bits painted.
These need the same as above but also there rifles painted brown 
And we'll you get the idea what these need.
Still got these to work on but il so these after all the infantry are finished.
The reason all these models are painted so basically is because I intend to use the Army painter dip on them as there rank and file troops and I'm not going to expand on this set.

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