Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Adjusting the Blog

Sorry for the lack of work lately but I have been working a lot of extra hours with the build up to Christmas. 
Iv been working on a few projects over the last week, mainly ACW in an attempt to get them finished before Christmas and before the arrival of baby B :).

Iv made a few changes to the blog and over the next 2 days will be doing some tinkering with bits and bobs, mainly widths of fields ect :/ 

Iv added a list of a few blogs that I have found useful and there owners nice, iv also added a few web pages of some manufacturers or retailers mainly independent ones there are a few big ones up there but that's only because the rest of the big manufactures might take legal action if I advertise there sites or products?? 
We all know who or what I'm on about :)

Iv also added a survey to try and see what people might be interested in seeing in the future??   

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